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Health Risks of Alcohol: Problems Caused By Chronic Heavy Drinking

Content Related Issues Health Solutions from Our Sponsors What is the outlook for people with alcohol use disorder? Psychological effects Cessation of alcohol intake For heavy, long-term drinkers, alcohol has been found to reduce the size of brain cells and overall brain mass. This can impact motor coordination, sleep, mood and an array of cognitive […]

Marijuana Resource Center Partnership to End Addiction

Content Causes and risk factors for marijuana abuse Conditions Marijuana Use in the United States Mental Health Services The Daily Gazette Risks of use Signs and symptoms of marijuana abuse What makes Yale Medicine’s approach to cannabis use disorder research unique? Our primary purpose is to stay free of marijuana and to help the marijuana […]

5 detox drinks to flush alcohol out of your system after a big party weekend Lifestyle News

Content Get Help for Alcohol Addiction at Great Oaks Recovery Center Get Food In Your Body Best Alcohol Abuse Treatment in California How to Flush Your System From Alcohol – Have Rest Days Nutrition and Healthy Living If you overindulge in too much alcohol, there might be a risk of alcohol poisoning. In this case, […]